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Procedure to apply new emirates id

Replacement of a Stolen, Damaged/Lost Emirates ID (For UAE residents)

For UAE residents Emirates ID is the most important document in the Country. To process all kind of documents, it is necessary to provide Emirates ID. It is a kind proof which confirms the identity of an individual. The card is issued by Emirates Identification Authority which contains the personal information of an individual. This data can be accessed by using the PIN mentioned in the card. Since it contains the personal data of an individual, it is his/her duty to keep the card secured all the times. Continue reading “Replacement of a Stolen, Damaged/Lost Emirates ID (For UAE residents)”

Fact of Dubai Advocates

Choosing the best advocates in dubai for successful cases


Depending on the situation and what you want help with, an advocate is a legal practitioner who traditionally deals with legal matters in some jurisdiction. An advocate should have a legal qualification which varies by jurisdiction to enable an advocate practice in a particular location. Whether, you intend to draft a trust or a will, selling or buying a real estate or getting a divorce, it is keen to select the best and right advocate available. Continue reading “Choosing the best advocates in dubai for successful cases”