Health Insurance in Dubai

Health Insurance in Dubai

The principle policy of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is that all nationals and expatriate residents of Dubai should have access to health care. DHA also ensures that health care provisions must be of the highest quality relevant to the needs of the people.

The health insurance covered for all Nationals:

The health insurance is covered for all nationals and residents of Dubai including dependents, which covers to pay in case of emergency in health care needs. For Nationals, the funding will be by Dubai Government Funded Scheme which is structured in a similar manner to a private insurance scheme with annual cover limits and for residents and their dependents, the funding will be provided by private health care scheme.

Under Resident’s who are included?

Under residents, the employees, spouses and dependents and Domestic workers are included in the new rule.

  • Employees: It is the responsibility of the employer to pay the cost of private health insurance of his employee. However, he is not compelled to any coverage for employee’s spouses and dependents.
  • Spouses and Dependents: It is the responsibility of the employee to cover insurance with an insurance company by paying the premium directly to the insurance company.
  • Domestic workers: In case of domestic worker, the sponsor whether national or residents must manage to pay for insurance coverage.

It’s necessary to cover health insurance for all individuals in Dubai. During the time of employment visa renewal, it is mandatory to show the insurance coverage for the employee.

How to Buy Health Insurance?

An employer can buy health insurance from the following:

  • From Insurance Companies: Insurance company which is having Dubai Health Insurance Permit can issue health insurance to the employees.
  • From Insurance Intermediary: Kind of agents who act as an intermediary between an employer and Insurance company.
  • From Insurance Brokers: By holding a license of Federal Insurance Authority, they can assist an employer to select appropriate insurance plan by comparing with other companies plans.
  • Insurance Agents: Insurance agents are the representatives of a particular insurance company by holding a license of Federal Insurance Authority. They are not employed by the insurance company and they work on their own account.
  • Insurance Consultants: Insurance consultants provides advice to the client on arranging insurance contract by paying a fee from the client.
  • Banks: Banks are also can sell insurance products. They need not have a license under Federal Insurance Authority.

Earlier in Dubai, it was not obligatory on the part of the Employer to provide Health Insurance to his employees. After looking at the consequences of the rule, now the Dubai Government has made mandatory to provide health insurance to all the employees. This rule helped an ordinary employee to seek medical advice. The law is also applicable to all economic areas of Dubai including free zones.

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